Getting Married at the Church

church wedding
A church wedding is still the most popular location for brides and grooms to exchange their marriage vows. However, before you exchange your wedding vows, you might want to know some helpful tips to keep in mind.




Tip Number 1

Traditionally, a bride will immediately decide to have her wedding at her home church. That is an excellent idea providing the sanctuary is large enough to accommodate all of the guests as well as the wedding party. The last thing a bride and groom want is for their guests to have to stand during the ceremony due to lack of seating. If you know your church is too small, consider hosting the wedding ceremony at a guest church.


Tip Number 2

If a bride is planning a winter wedding, she should make sure the heating system at the church is properly working before her big day. If the wedding is scheduled for the spring or summer, make sure the air conditioning is working properly.


Tip Number 3

Visit the clergyman in charge two days before the wedding date and confirm that the individuals responsible for decorating the church will have access to the building the day before the wedding. Confirm the exact time of day they will be allowed in the church and how much time do they have to decorate before the church will be locked up for the night. I have seen wedding decors go astray due to having to rush to finish the decoration.


Tip Number 4

Never plan to decorate the church on the same day as the wedding. This is flirting with disaster. No matter how well prepared a decorating team may be, there is always the unexpected trip to the store for some more tape or having to run back home to get the bows for the pews because they got left on the table.


When decorating the church for the wedding is scheduled on the same day as the wedding, it does not leave room for the unexpected to happen. Not only that, if the individuals decorating the church are also guest at the wedding or worst, a part of the wedding party, they will be left mentally and physically tired from having to rush around all morning.


Tip Number 5

Having a wedding rehearsal is imperative. The last thing a bride or groom wants to see on their special day is a group of people who do not have a clue what they are supposed to do. It may seem like a no-brainer at first glance however, it is important for the wedding party to rehearse exactly when, where, and how they are supposed to get from the back area of the church to the front area of the church. They need to know where they are expected to stand and when they are expected to exit.


Traditionally, wedding rehearsals are done the day before the wedding but, if for some reason this is not possible, then the bride and groom should schedule it for another date. Whatever you do, schedule to have a wedding rehearsal.


Church weddings are by far the most popular location for hosting a wedding. To assure that things run smoothly before exchanging wedding vows, take into consideration the five tips listed above and incorporate them into your wedding plans.